Northeast China’s Jilin launches freight train for coal imports
A crane loads containers ready to transport coal from Russia, Nov 9. (Photo by

A 56-container freight train left Hunchun Railway Port in Northeast China’s Jilin province on Nov 9, bound for Russia, according to local media reports.

The train is expected to arrive in Russia in two days and will return to Hunchun after being loaded with coal.

This will mark the first time that Jilin province has used containers to import coal.

In order to alleviate the coal shortage in Jilin province, which began in May this year, Jidian International Trade Co has researched and promoted the coal container freight train project.

The company coordinated with local governments, railway bureaus and Russian railway administrations to find the most suitable modes of transportation. After several months of negotiation, the container transportation route was successfully opened up.

According to reports, the first batch of 400 containers has arrived in Hunchun, with each container able to carry 32 metric tons of coal.

In January next year, the company will put another 900 containers into use.