15,162 China-Europe trains operated in the first 11 months of 2022, transporting 1.475 million TEUs
The first full-time schedule China-Europe freight train left Xi’an, heading to Duisburg on November 5, 2022. (Photo: Shanxi Daily)

On December 10, according to China Railways Group, from January to November this year, the total number of China-Europe freight trains running is 15,162, sending 1,475,000 TEUs of goods, an increase of 10% and 11% year-on-year respectively.

The first China-Europe freight train with full time schedule has been launched from Xi’an, China to Duisburg, Germany. After the full-time schedule of the trains start running, the schedules of each section of the domestic and foreign railway trains will be connected throughout the whole process, and the arrival and departure time will be clarified, which will help control the operation time of each link and achieve smooth handover of each section.At present, freight trains with full-time schedule have been in regular operation and achieved 5 trips.

New Western Land-Sea Corridor

In addition, a total of 687,000 TEU of goods have been transported via the New Western Land-Sea Corridor, marking an increase of 18.9% year-on-year. In November, Horgos, Alashankou, Erlianhot, Manzhouli, Suifenhe border-crossing ports daily average handover exceeded 4,500 cars.

Launched in 2017, the New Western Land-Sea Corridor is a trade and logistics passage jointly built by western Chinese provinces and ASEAN countries.