Chartered rescue train heads for Paris
A train loaded with anti-coronavirus medical materials left for Paris on June 4, 2020 from Xiangtang International Port in Nanchang.

A train loaded with anti-COVID-19 materials departed on Thursday from Xiangtang International Port in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, and its journey to Paris, France. It was the first charter train to be loaded with anti-epidemic materials from China for delivery to Paris.

The train will travel nearly 14,000 kilometers through seven countries and regions to arrive in the French city in about three weeks.

The goods, worth 10 million euros ($11.3 million) and all made in Jiangxi province, include 20 million masks, 45 million pairs of gloves, 1.3 million solution bags and touch-free disinfectant machines.

Officers in Ganjiang New District under Nanchang Customs had studied France’s standards and requirements for anti-epidemic materials, conducted risk research and formulated on-site inspection plans to ensure the smooth operation of the train. It also opened a “green channel” to shorten transit procedures.

This shipment of anti-epidemic materials was commissioned by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which chose the train for its high efficiency. The quantity of anti-epidemic materials transported by trains between China and Europe far exceeds the capacity of other modes of freight transport. The cost is also lower than that of air transport by a factor of 30, and time in transit is 10-20 days less than sea transport. All these advantages were fully recognized by the French side.

The operation of the Nanchang China-Europe train is expected to link international industrial and supply chains, help enterprises resume manufacturing and contribute to the global fight against the coronavirus, courtesy of Jiangxi province.

In addition, Nanchang has been running international freight trains to the Netherlands, Vietnam, Russia and Belarus.