China and Russia to strengthen railway cooperation by promoting paperless transportation and efficient operation of China-Europe freight trains
(Photo: China Railway/Kundi Liu)

On April 28, Zhenfang Liu, the chairman of China Railway Group, held talks with Oleg Belozerov, the CEO and chairman of the management committee of Russian Railways.

Liu said, the China Railway Group will take more measures to deepen cooperation in the railway field between the two countries, to improve the efficiency of port traffic and the operation quality of China-Europe freight trains. Belozerov said that Russian Railways will cooperate with Chinese Railways to improve the efficiency of port operations.

The both parties emphasized to realize the paperless railway intermodal transportation, and further improve the capacity of border crossing ports. Both sides should strengthen communication for railway infrastructure development plans. The expansion of the full-time or fixed time schedule of China-Europe freight trains is also one of the concrete cooperation measures.

In October 2022, a China-Europe freight train departed from the major transportation hub Xi’an heading to Duisburg, Germany, marking the first China-Europe cargo train with full-time schedule.