China-Europe freight train from Shanghai hub – transport demands for new energy vehicles are high
The 50th freight train started from Shanghai hub (Photo: CCTV)

The 50th “Shanghai Express” of the China-Europe freight train officially departed from Shanghai in the last week, one year after it was first launched.

Carrying 50 containers full of auto parts, mechanical parts, ceramic products and other goods, the train will travel west from Shanghai all the way to Hamburg and Duisburg, Germany.

Wang Jinqiu, Chairman of Shanghai Oriental Silk Road Multimodal Transport Co., Ltd. said, “we believe that we will transport new energy vehicles to all parts of the world, especially the European market throung China-Europe freight train. At the same time, we also hope that imported lithium electronic products can be transported to domestic customers via Shanghai hub.”

Wu Henjun, Vice President of DB Schenker Greater China pointed out, “the demands and requirements for new energy vehicles in the European market are very high, so for such high value-added goods, the China-Europe freight train is actually a very good transport platform.”

In the last month, China State Railway Group Company, Ltd. notified that it will start to count the transport volume of new energy vehicles from October 1. The announcement stated that at present, China Railway has no restrictions on the transportation of new energy vehicles, whether it is using JSQ vehicles or containers, whether it is domestic transportation or international combined transportation.

China-Europe freight train from Shanghai has carried 4,950 standard containers with a value of more than 1.6 billion yuan in the past year.