China-Europe freight train services improved in first 11 months, container traffic exceeds 2022 total
(Photo: Xinhua)

A total of 16,145 freight trains operated between China and Europe from January to November, carrying 1.75 million containers, up 7 percent and 19 percent respectively year-on-year. The cargo volume has set a record, surpassing last year’s total, the service operator China State Railway Group said.

The China-Europe freight train service has expanded to 217 cities in 25 countries. Measures have been taken to improve the service’s transport efficiency, and rolling stock and traction quality have been upgraded to increase transport capacity by 10 per cent.

China-Europe trains operate on five routes with a fixed schedule, which has been in operation since the end of November. This type of service has further reduced transport time by 20 per cent. Coordination between the Railway Administration, Customs and Border Inspection has been strengthened to improve the efficiency of customs clearance.

According to the group, the increased number of China-Europe freight trains has demonstrated the steady and healthy trend of China’s foreign trade.