China-Europe rail freight services hit record high
China-Europe freight train(Xian)

China-Europe rail freight services hit a record high last month, helping maintain the global supply chain amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the country’s top railway operator said on Wednesday.

The number of freight trips between the two destinations hit a record 1,247 last month — up 62 percent year-on-year — China State Railway Group said.

The trains carried 113,000 standard-sized shipping containers, 66 percent more than in July.

Proactive measures have been adopted to ease the mounting pressure on port transportation capacity due to surging demand for China-Europe rail freight services, the company said, adding that online services offered by e-commerce website have enhanced port clearance efficiency.

It said it has stringently implemented regular epidemic prevention and control measures and engaged in regular video consultations with countries along the rail routes to ensure their smooth and safe operation.


Source: chinadaily