China issued 16 measures to promote transportation

The Chinese Ministries of Transport, Commerce, Customs Administration and China Railway issued on 20. April 2020 16 notices on transportation.

  1. The international oversea shipping security should be improved. The flights reduced due to the impact of Coronavirus should be restored in time to meet the needs of foreign trade transportation and ensure that the main trade routes are not interrupted.
  2. Air cargo configuration should be optimized. International cargo transportation routes should be supported by policy. Aviation companies will be encouraged to expand their cargo aircraft capacity as soon as possible to have the ability of covering the demands for transportation in most of countries and regions around the world.
  3. Promote the development of Eurasians Freight trains. As the important transit channel during the epidemic Eurasians Freight trains should expand its transit system. Port and shipping companies should cooperate with railway companies.
  4. International mail express delivery will run more smoothly. Post,express delivery companies and international aviation, railway, marine and road transportation companies should continue to cooperate. Make full use of the advantages of China’s domestic and overseas transportation networks to form an orderly international logistics supply chain.
  5. International railway and road freight will continue to function orderly. Priority should be given to the transportation projects of Coronavirus prevention materials, special programs and basic supplies.
  6. The development of container rail and waterway intermodal transportation will be promoted. Container trunk ports would be a focus of rail-water shipment. The construction of Suzhou Taicang Port Shugang Railway Project, Nanjing Port Longtan Railway Special Line Project, Guangzhou Nansha Port Shugang Railway Project and other projects would be accelerated.
  7. Continue the construction of “single window” in international trade. Simplify the import and export supervision procedures. Optimize the maritime supervision process, and establish a more intensive and efficient operation of the new customs clearance inspection mode
  8. The pilot of direct port installation mode should be started. The new operation modes such as “unloading directly by the ship” of import goods and “loading at the port” of export goods in Shanghai Port and Tianjin Port should be promoted to improve logistics efficiency
  9. The port capacity and efficiency should be enhanced. Terminal construction projects in Shanghai Port, Tianjin Port, Guangzhou Nansha, Jiangsu Taicang, Tangshan Port, Tianjin Port and other programs should be supported.
  10. International road transport should be more convenient. The construction of international road transportation management and service information system will be accelerated.
  11. Import and export charges will be reduced. The port construction fee for import and export cargo will be stopped temporarily. The cargo port service fee, port facility security fee and ship oil pollution damage compensation fund will be reduced.
  12. The supervision of the port shipping market will be strengthened. The port regulations should be introduced within port enterprises and relevant units. The rules of port charges should be further standardized.
  13. Port and shipping companies should cooperate with import and export companies. China Port Association and China Shipowners Association should continue to play an important role in communication and coordination with import and export-related enterprise associations
  14. Ensure the normal and orderly operation of shipping. The transportation and customs agencies should coordinate with immigration border inspection, health and other departments to ensure the achievement of preventing and controlling of Coronavirus from overseas.
  15. To deepen international communication and cooperation. Continue the communication and coordination with trading partners, the World Trade Organization, International Maritime Organization, International Labour Organization, International Civil Aviation Organization, Railway Cooperation Organization, UPU and other international organizations.
  16. During the outbreak of Coronavirus, the smooth running of the international logistics chain should be ensured through the communication and coordination within relevant agencies, which contain industrial sectors, informatization departments, major manufacturing enterprises and foreign trade enterprises. Problems, such as international aid for medical materials or international transportation, will be solved.

Autor: S.Y. SU