Chinese city Wuwei launches new freight train route to London
(Photo: @Letian Xu)

A freight train departed Wuwei City, northwest China’s Gansu Province, for London on Saturday, launching the new route of China-Europe freight train service.

The train is loaded with 12 million masks, over 35,000 medical gloves, auto parts and textiles, worth over 16.72 million yuan (about 2.59 million U.S. dollars) in total, according to the China Railway Lanzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

The train will exit China via the Khorgos port in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and arrive in London in 20 days, about 10 days shorter than by sea.

Wuwei has seen the departure of five China-Europe freight trains this year, with the total value of goods reaching 106 million yuan.