DB Cargo Eurasia launches new intermodal transport service through the Middle Corridor
(Photo: DB Cargo Romania)

DB Cargo Eurasia will launch its first service through the Middle Corridor, which will connect Xi’an, China with Duisburg and Hamburg, Germany. The intermodal transport service that passes through the port of Constanța, Romania, will be launched in mid-June.

The new service connects China and Europe via the Trans-Caspian route, passing through Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Romania. The transit time is about 30 days, according to the Romanian traficmedia.

The containers will be transported from Xi’an to the Kazakhstani port of Aktau, and be shipped across the Caspian Sea to the port of Alat, Azerbaijan. Freight train will carry the containers from there again through Georgia to the port of Poti. Ferry service takes the container goods further to the port of Constana across the Black Sea. In Romania, the train operator will be DB Cargo Romania , which takes over operations to Duisburg and Hamburg.

In the future, regular connections will be provided in both directions.