Distribution center of “Yixinou” China-Europe freight train in Duisburg, Germany opened
Mr. Johannes Grünhage, Director of China Affairs, Duisburg Municipal Government (2. from left) and Mr. Xubin Feng (1. from right) at the opening ceremony in Duisburg (Photo: Chinanews.com)

On June 16, 2023, the distribution center (Germany) of “Yixinou” China-Europe freight train opened in Duisburg, Germany.

It is reported that the warehouse of the distribution center covers an area of about 6,000 square meters, which is relatively close to the local DIT/D3T station, equipped with an operation team and a self-operated truck fleet. After opening, the distribution center can provide multiple services such as warehousing, distribution, bonded and customs. It will support the Europe-wide management, storage and distribution of the containers from Yiwu, and help reducing the customer’s logistics costs.

(Photo: Chinanews.com)

“Duisburg is an important node city of the ‘Yixinou’ China-Europe freight train in Germany, and the Port of Duisburg is one of the largest comprehensive ports in Europe. The establishment of the distribution center will help us connect railway transportation with trade-promoting, warehousing and financial services, so that the ‘Yixinou’ can further realize its marketization and international development goals.” said Feng Xubin, the general manager of Yixinou International Freight GmbH and the chairman of Yiwu Tianmeng Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.