How much of the China-Europe rail transport volume was sent to the EU in 1H 2023?

A total of 8,641 trains were operated and 936,000 TEUs of goods were shipped, an increase of 16% and 30% respectively over the same period last year – this is the report of the China-Europe freight train for the first half of the year.

It is not easy for China-Europe rail freight to maintain such a performance in the current situation, where the global economic recovery is slow, demand is plummeting and sea freight rates continue to fall.

In fact, the 16% increase in operating trips and the 30% increase in shipment volume are largely due to the demand generated after the Russian market was isolated by Western countries.

Excluding the European market in Russia, what are the figures for the first half of this year?

According to the statistics of UTLC, the operator of the broad-gauge railway, a total of 114,000 TEUs were transported between Europe (Poland, Germany, Belgium, Hungary and the Netherlands) and China in the first half of this year, a decrease of 48.48% compared to the same period last year. Of these, 73,734 TEUs were shipped by westbound train and 40,314 TEUs by eastbound train.

The volume of boxes shipped to Europe (the above five countries) accounted for only 12% of the total volume of goods shipped by China-Europe Express in the first half of this year.

In view of the reduction in the volume of goods, congestion no longer occurs and the timeliness of the Europe-bound China Railway Express has been significantly improved, with the average station-to-station arrival time being only about 10 days.

Westbound – China to Europe

In terms of outbound transport, Poland, the largest destination country, accounted for the vast majority of containers (60,554 TEU), a decrease of 27.41% compared to the previous year.

Germany, with 7,060 TEUs, was the country of destination with the most significant decrease (-82.51%).

Belgium (3,514 TEU, -58.36%), Hungary (1,530 TEU, -44.84%) and the Netherlands (1,076 TEU, -79.71%) ranked third, fourth and fifth.

Eastbound – Europe to China

In terms of return traffic, Germany ranked first with 36 798 TEU, also a decrease of 34.78% compared to the previous year.

Poland shipped 2,186 TEU, a decrease of 83.56% compared to the same period last year.

The Netherlands shipped 1,330 TEU, a decrease of 72.97% compared to the same period last year.