Hupac launches special trains between Suzhou, China and Milan, Italy
(Photo: Hupac Group)

Hupac announces that on 28 November a direct special container train will leave between the Chinese city of Suzhou – located west of Shanghai – and Milan, with a transit time of 25 to 28 days. For now, the Swiss company does not provide other details, adding only that more departures should be added to this first connection in December.

Last year, the intermodal network operator Hupac Group carried 1,123,562 road consignments or 2,118,000 TEU in combined road/rail transport and maritime hinterland transport. Compared to the previous year, around 100,000 additional trucks were shifted, representing a growth of 10.7%.

Hupac’s network comprises connections between the main European economic areas and destinations up to the Far East. Every day, some 160 Hupac trains with their own rail wagons are on the move, transporting containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers. We strive to offer flexibility, service and reliability to our customers.

The Hupac Group consists of 23 companies with locations in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Russia and China and counts 630 employees on a full-time basis.