International Rail Freight and Multimodal Summit 2024 in Zhengzhou, China

The developmet of Trans-Caspian International Transport Corridor (TITR), construction and cooperation of the countries and operators along the corridor has become one of the most important topics in the branch, so as the optimizing Eurasian trade and logistics services in response to supply chain disruptions.

By the end of 2023, more than 82,000 train trips have been operated and 7.9 million TEUs transported. The routes reachs 217 cities in 25 European countries. In 2020, Zhengzhou was approved as one of the first 5 assembly centers for Eurasian rail freight in China. In 2023, China-Europe freight train(Zhengzhou) had beed operated more than 3000 trips and more than 10,000 trips in total since 2013.

Province Henan has 3 national first-class land ports, 5 comprehensive bonded zones. It should be noted that the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Comprehensive Zone is currently the most important development project in Henan Province, and the new Zhengzhou International Land Port is currently under construction in this zone. Industrial manufacturing and automotive companies such as Linde, Foxconn, Skyworth, Geely and BYD are located in the airport zone.

The first Eurasian Rail Freight Expo (Zhengzhou), organized by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and Zhengzhou Airport Economy Comprehensive Zone, will be held on 6-8 June, together with the International Rail Freight and Multimodal Transport Summit.

The event will be attended by the governments of Henan Province and Zhengzhou Municipality, the Logistics Port Office, Zhengzhou Airport and Zhengzhou International Land Port, as well as key platform companies. Well-known operators and logistics companies from Asia and Europe will also be invited.

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Eurasian Railway Freight Expo Zhengzhou 2024 & International Rail Freight and Multimodal Summit