Jiujiang on the banks of the Yangtze River, started the first freight train to Kazakhstan this year
(Photo: people.com.cn)

A freight train full of fabric, freezers, motorcycles, daily-use ceramics and other living materials, left from Jiujiang South Station in Jiangxi Province in Central China. The freight train will pass through the port of Alashankou and head for Almaty, Kazakhstan. The containers of goods will be then distributed to other cities of Central Asia. This was the first China-Europe/Asia freight train from Jiujiang Jiangxi Province to Kazakhstan this year.

The city Jiujiang locates on the southern shores of the Yangtze River in northwest Jiangxi Province. It is the second-largest city in Jiangxi province. Jiujiang literally means “nine rivers”. It is one of the first five cities that were opened to foreign trade along the Yangtze River following the implementation of the reform and opening-up policy. It is the Yangtze River’s shipping hub international gateway, and Jiangxi’s only international trade port city. Jiujiang Port is the fourth largest port on the Yangtze River.

The freight train carries 55 40ft containers, with a total weight of nearly 894 tons and a total value of about 27 million U.S. dollars. The goods mainly come from Yiwu (Zhejiang Province), Hefei (Anhui Province) etc.

This trip will takes about 7 days, shortening the transport time by about 15 days compared with the traditional sea shipping route.