Metrans joins the Trans-Caspian Corridor, Constana becomes a new Gateway for Asia-EU transport
(Photo: Metrans)

The METRANS company has launched cargo transport between Europe and China through the Trans-Caspian corridor and the Romanian port of Constana.

In connection with the war in Ukraine, there were disturbances on the railway lines along the New Silk Road. So far, METRANS has served connections via Russia and Małaszewicze or via the Dobrá terminal near Čierna nad Tisou in Slovakia. As the company points out, the traffic on these routes has not been stopped, however, the increase in transport has not been visible as before. For this reason, METRANS has worked extensively with its partners to find an alternative route to the traditional northern corridor, reported by intermodalnews.

This was achieved in the first half of May. Containers from China reach the eastern Black Sea coast, cross the sea by ship and end up on the European coast in the Romanian port of Constana. From there, METRANS takes the containers and transports them further deep into Europe.

The pilot train was 100% full and arrived at the final station in Mannheim, Germany on time according to METRANS. The carrier comments, “As a result, we are able to flexibly react to the emerging conditions and provide our customers with a new and alternative route for transport to and from Asia.”

More and more carriers take part in this transport corridor. Investments will be brought into the development of terminals and ports along the route. As an important hub of Romania and Black Sea, Constana is becoming a new gateway for Eurasian container transport.