More than 200 Trips! The China Railway Express (Yuxinou) See a Record of Trips in a Single Month
China Europe freight train (Yuxinou)

In May 2020, the China Railway Express (Yuxinou) made 208 trips. The figure was increased by 80.9% compared with last year, and the value of goods increased by 98% as well, according to Yuxinou (Chongqing) Logistics. It is the first time that the China Railway Express (Yuxinou) has made over 200 trips in a single month since the operation.

What are the reasons for the growth of the China Railway Express (Yuxinou) against the downtrend? According to Yuxinou Logistics, there are four main reasons:

The first is to launch innovative projects actively. After the successful trip of the first “China Post” block train in China, the China Railway Express (Yuxinou) have steadily operated the international parcels and undertaken 70% of the country’s parcel distribution tasks. The second is to implement the rail freight forwarding project of the large-scale air cargo and marine goods, actively provide the China Railway Express (Yuxinou) with transportation solutions, and strive for taking “sea freight to railway freight” “air freight to railway freight” goods for achieving export through the China Railway Express (Yuxinou). The third is to pay close attention to high value-added projects and provide customized train services through in-depth operations of high value-added projects such as laptops, vehicles, electronic products, drugs, and medical devices. The fourth is to guarantee the transportation of epidemic prevention materials in countries along the line, and launch the first export train for epidemic prevention materials, which transports domestic protective clothing and masks, isolation gowns, medical gauze, and non-woven cloth, medical gloves, forehead thermometers, goggles, and other anti-epidemic materials to Germany, Poland, Lithuania, and other European countries safely and rapidly.

Customs also played a decisive role. It is known that Chongqing Customs has issued 18 measures to support the development of the China Railway Express (Yuxinou) in consideration of the characteristics of the goods’ source of the China Railway Express (Yuxinou) and Chongqing’s foreign trade practices, providing all-round support and services in four aspects of deepening international cooperation, strengthening customs clearance, playing a pivotal role and improving the transport capacity of the train.

For example, Yuzhou Customs supports enterprises to apply for manifest consolidation if the manifest of the China Railway Express (Yuxinou) is for the same entry and exit port, the same date, the same train number, the same domestic consignee and consignor, the same contract and the same product name. In May this year, a total of 32 times of manifest consolidation were carried out, reducing the number of enterprises’ customs declaration from 152 to 34, reducing the cost of enterprises’ customs declaration by 77.6%, and saving the enterprises’ customs declaration fee by RMB 47,200.

According to the port logistics office of the municipal government, the China Railway Express (Yuxinou) have developed new sources of goods in terms of international parcels and imported frozen products from Russia, and have made every effort to ensure the stability of supply chains and industrial chains of vital local industries such as laptops and vehicles, playing a strategic role as a channel.


Source: ichongqing