NewSilkroadDiscovery Dialogue(1) – Qi Dan, GM of Yuxinou: Stronger market competitiveness of the China-Europe freight train is one of my expectations for 2022

What new challenges will the China-Europe freight train industry face in 2022, and how will it develop? New Silkroad Discovery have made dialogues with industry representatives in China. We share it with our European colleagues and friends in the form of a series of articles.

Mr. Qi Dan, General Manager of Yuxinou (Chongqing) Logistics expressed his opinions to New Silkroad Discovery:

Opportunities and challenges coexist for China-Europe freight trains in 2022. At present, the capacity of the China-Europe train has reached saturation, the continuous congestion along the routes and the further extension of the transport time have become the focus of the industry. How the China-Europe freight train can further enhance its soft power, how to better convert “quantity” into “quality”, and get a stronger market competitiveness are some of my expectations for 2022.

First, it is suggested to continue to focus on the high-quality development of freight trains. We should continuously improve domestic and international coordination mechanisms, improve port transit capacity, strengthen transportation organization, and improve operational efficiency. At the same time, the business behaviors of platform companies in the whole China, especially the newly-founded platform companies should be further standardized, with a high-quality index system, to maintain a fair order of market competition.

The second is to suggest regional linkage and dislocation development. Give full play to the role of the assembly centers of China-Europe freight trains in the existing five cities like Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi’an and  Urumqi, support the regional linkage and coordination of railways and trucks between the assembly centers and various local nodes, and enhance the efficiency of goods flow.


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