NewSilkroadDiscovery Dialogue(2) – Li Ming, Chairman of Jiangsu International Freight trains: expand new routes and better benefit local economic development

What new challenges will the China-Europe freight train industry face in 2022, and how will it develop? New Silkroad Discovery have made dialogues with industry representatives in China. We share it with our European colleagues and friends in the form of a series of articles.

Jiangsu International Freight Train Co., Ltd. coordinates the rail transportation operation service for Jiangsu-Train from four cities as Nanjing, Suzhou, Lianyungang and Xuzhou. Chairman Mr. Li Ming talked with New Silkroad Discovery about his expectations for the year 2022:

On the one hand, to further enhance the role of the new Aisa-Europe land-sea transport corridor, we need to constantly expand new routes for transit trains.

On the other hand, to further improve the ability and level of serving local economic development, taking Jiangsu’s trade economy into consideration, we should strive to provide regularly rail transport service for our cross-border e-commerce clients, for our free trade zones and for the whole Yangtze River Delta. It is not only about the operation of freight trains, it is more about what new services and business modes we can implement based on the international rail freight.

In addition, we will further promote the marketization of Suzhou trains and improve the quality of Xuzhou trains to better serve the development of the Huaihai Economic Circle, which includes Xuzhou as the center city and covers other 17 cities of Southern Shandong-Province, Northern Jiangsu-Province, Northern Anhui and Hunan-Province.


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