Nurminen Logistics starts regular railway transport operations from Europe to Kazakhstan
(Photo: Nurminen Logistics)

Nurminen Logistics has started regular railway transport operations from Finland and Europe to Kazakhstan in co-operation with Kazakh State Railways (KTZE). The first consignment from Helsinki to Kazakhstan started its journey last week and the next departures will be in December according to the press releases of the Finnish logistics provider. The route serves the import and export needs of Nordic and Central European customers. The goods can be transported in 40 HC shipping containers.

In December, KTZE will increase departures from Europe to Kazakhstan to three times a week and Nurminen Logistics is one of KTZE’s partners.

Nurminen Logistics published its co-operation with KTZE for the first time in March 2022, when it was announced that Nurminen and Kazakh State Railways had agreed to commercialise the international Trans-Caspian route between China and Europe. The Trans-Caspian route combines rail and sea transport.

Kazakhstan is the wealthiest and most economically developed country in Central Asia, and it serves as a logistical hub linking Europe to the huge Asian markets. The European Union is Kazakhstan’s largest trading partner and the EU’s share accounted for 29.7% of Kazakhstan’s total trade in goods in 2020.

“A great deal of customer interest and fast-growing demand is currently targeted at Kazakhstan. Nurminen’s long-standing Eastern market intelligence and strong partnership with Kazakh State Railways enable the building of service solutions that provide a competitive edge for customers in Central Asia,” says Marjut Linnajärvi, VP Sales, who is in charge of the railway logistics business.