Port Suifenhe in Northeast China sees 2,000 China-Europe freight train trips
Suifenhe Port (Photo: people.com.cn)

Northeast China’s Suifenhe port has handled 2,000 China-Europe freight train trips since the service started in 2018, local authorities said on Wednesday.

Over the past five years, the monthly number of China-Europe freight trains passing through the port on the China-Russia border has surged from one or two in the beginning to around 70 on average, according to the China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co Ltd. Westbound trains arrive in Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium and other countries.

The company has made efforts to further reduce the operation time of freight trains at the port and improve the efficiency of customs clearance.

The main port in Heilongjiang has seen bustling China-Europe freight train services as China continues to deepen economic and trade ties with countries and regions along the Belt and Road.

The China-Europe freight train service has three main corridors — western, eastern, and middle — with the Suifenhe port on the eastern corridor.

China started the China-Europe freight train service in 2011, which has since become a crucial link for trade and economic cooperation across the Eurasian continent.