Railway system preps for shopping festival with added cargo space

China’s national railway system has started to arrange more space on trains on Monday, mainly high-speed lines, to meet increased demand for parcel delivery in advance of China’s online shopping spree known as Double 11, China State Railway Group said on Monday.

More targeted freight capacity will be released, such as more parcels being carried in cargo cabinets on passenger bullet trains and luggage cars on regular trains. Parcels will also be placed in reserved seats on bullet trains, the company said.

It has expanded cold-chain service, covering more areas and varieties of products, such as seafood, fruits and seasonal agricultural produce.

To better serve the health industry, the railway operator has cooperated with pharmaceutical companies to offer targeted cold-chain service.

The railway has also teamed up with logistics companies to boost cross-city transportation.

The online shopping festival, also known as Singles Day, will fall on Nov 11.