Railway transport booming in Xinjiang
A China-Europe freight train pulls out of Horgos port in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Railway freight in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region made a leap in capacity this year, with a total of 100 million tons of cargo going by rail in the region as of Aug 3.

According to Urumqi branch of China Railway Construction Group, freight volume exceeded 100 million tons of cargo 35 days earlier than last year.

The statement, issued by the branch in Urumqi, said the reason for the increase is that in a steadily improving market the railway has been actively seeking more sources of supply. It is able to guarantee rapid delivery of bulk commodities such as coal, cotton and chemical fertilizers.

In 2020, the railway company in Xinjiang has tailored logistics and transportation plans to serve customers better.

The branch said transportation demand is strong, and the company in Xinjiang has implemented precise procedures for cargo loading, transport and unloading.

The carrying capacity of a single train is improved, which has relieved the pressure at peak hours, said Zhang Hao, director of operations at the railway depot in Urumqi. Zhang said the branch has also added more trains in the region to meet the demand.

“For example, Urumqi-Zhundong railway that connects three National Economic and Technological Development Zones increased the frequency of train pairs that operate daily from 45 to 53,” Zhang said.


Source: chinadaily