The China-Laos railway is connected to the China-Europe railway transport network
(Photo: CCTV news)

On 3 December, a freight train carrying 32 wagons of Russian non-metallic mineral products left China at Mohan Station in Yunnan Province and entered Laos. This connects the China-Laos railway with the China-Europe international railway network.

According to reports, the goods were transported from Moscow through China’s Manchuria Port, sent to Sichuan’s Chengxiang Station, and on to the China-Laos Railway to the South Station in Vientiane, Laos, where they were changed from standard gauge to metre gauge and finally arrived in Bangkok, Thailand. The whole operation takes about 22 days, compared to a much shorter 20 days for the traditional sea route.

This marks the official opening of the Thailand-Laos-China-Russia rail link.