The first China-Laos (Baoji-Vientiane) freight train launched
(Photo: Xinhua)

On March 30, the China-Laos Railway (Baoji-Vientiane) international freight train departed from the Baoji Yangping Logistics Zone, exited through Yunnan Mohan Port, bound for Vientiane, the capital of Laos. It is the first train and marks the official opening of the new route from Shaanxi Province to Laos.

“We understand the customer’s needs in advance, optimize the transportation organization plan, ensure fast delivery, and maximize the transportation capacity.” said Tang Bo, deputy section chief of the Baoji Depot Business Section of China Railway Xi’an Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

The train carried a total of 25 40-foot containers, which were declared, inspected and released in the Baoji Comprehensive Bonded Zone for fast customs clearance. After the goods arrive in Vientiane, Laos, they will be transferred to Myawaddy Port in Myanmar, and can be radiated to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and other surrouding countries.