West-/eastbound trains hit new record
Containers on rail
Containers on rail


According to press release from China Railway, in April, 2020, the total number of Eurasian Freight trains, the number of westbound journeys, and the eastbound journeys hit a fresh monthly record high.

In April, the total number of Eurasian Freight trains reached 979, 88,000 TEUs were shipped, with a year-on-year increase of 46% and 50% respectively. And the loaded rate reached 97.8%. From January to April this year, 2,920 trains have transported 262,000 TEUs, increased by 24% and 27% year-on-year, and the loaded rate was 98%.

In the end of April, 660,000 epidemic prevention supplies with the weight of 3,142 tons has been transported by Eurasian Freight trains. Most of them reached Italy, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Lithuania etc. Part of the products would be reclassified in those transit countries and transported to other European countries.

The orderly operation of Eurasian Freight trains, including westbound and eastbound, has become an important support for international supply chains in special periods. Compared with air and sea transportation, Eurasian Freight trains carry out transportations in sections, which can reduce the probability of cross-infection between personals and has unique advantages.


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