Wuhan sees 800th freight train depart for Europe
The freight trains connect Wuhan in Hubei province to many European cities.

As of Saturday, 800 freight trains have operated between Wuhan, Hubei province, and Europe since October 2012.

The 800th freight train carrying electronic and auto parts, clothes and daily necessities manufactured in Hubei province departed from the Wujiashan Station in Wuhan for Duisburg, Germany, on Saturday, Shao Dong, Party chief of the station, said.

Since the station’s opening in October 2012, it has launched 10 routes for the China-Europe freight trains, which allow goods to be delivered from Wuhan to more than 70 cities in 34 countries.

The freight trains heading back to Wuhan also transport almost the same amount of European goods to China, including German mechanical and electrical products, French auto parts and Russian wood.


Source: chinadaily