Xi’an sees 20,000 China-Europe freight trains since 2013
A China-Europe freight train waits to depart for Moscow at Xi’an International Port Station in Xi’an, Sept. 28, 2023(Photo: Xinhua)

Xi’an International Port Station has handled a total of 20,000 China-Europe freight trains since the China-Europe Freight Train (Xi’an) service was launched in 2013.

On 28 September, a China-Europe freight train loaded with 165 vehicles left Xi’an International Port Station for the Russian capital Moscow, making it the first port station in China to reach the 20,000 mark.

As of Wednesday, the number of inbound and outbound China-Europe freight trains passing through the port station since the beginning of this year reached 3,946, up 29.7 per cent year on year, and the total cargo loaded on these trains reached 3.5 million tonnes, up 34.7 per cent year on year.

This year, an average of 14.7 China-Europe freight trains have departed from or arrived at Xi’an, the capital of Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, every day, with an average of one train departing or arriving at the port station every one hour and 40 minutes, making it the country’s largest port in terms of China-Europe freight train traffic, according to Bai Kuanfeng, an official at the port station.