More China-Europe freight trains keep trade rolling
China-Europe freight train(Shenyang)

The Shenyang railway logistics center bustles with activity as containers are loaded onto X8059-a transcontinental freight train shortly departing for Moscow, Russia.

Since early July, the frequency of China-Europe freight trains heading out from Shenyang has increased from one train every two days to one train every day, local officials said.

It is key work to further increase the efficiency of customs clearance for cargo and use the transport capability of China-Europe freight trains to better serve companies, said Wang Zhenke, deputy head of the Liaozhong county customs house affiliated with Shenyang Customs District.

The customs district has carried out a series of measures including expanding the function of its entrances and optimizing its facilities, to shorten the time it takes for customs clearance. “Now, the loading time of a freight train has been reduced from eight hours to less than three hours,” Wang said.

Shenyang Jinggong is a local cable equipment manufacturer that exports to Russia.

In the past, there was always a risk of there being limited shipping space after customs declaration. “No shipping space means we cannot complete the cargo loading as planned, which puts us at risk of breaking contracts,” said a manager of the company surnamed Mu.

With the new railway manifest system, the customs district ensures that companies can book shipping space before customs declaration, Mu added.

Throughout the pandemic, China-Europe freight trains have helped to guarantee cargo transportation especially in the case of flight disruption, local officials said.

Official data showed that from January to June, Shenyang sent 150 China-Europe freight trains transporting 12,714 containers, with cargo value of 4 billion yuan ($578.43 million). In the first half of 2020, new routes to places including the Belerast Logistics Park in Russia were also opened.

“The launch of these routes further meet the import and export needs of enterprises,” said Zhang Jian, deputy general manager of the Shenyang branch of the Sinotrans Liaoning Co.

“It also helps further unleash the transportation capabilities of China-Europe freight trains,” Zhang said.


Source: chinadaily