RTSB-RUS transports round timber from the Yaroslavl region to Qingdao
(Photo: RTSB-RUS / Seanews)

The railway operator RTSB Group’s subsidiary in Russia, RTSB-RUS has started multimodal transport of round timber from the Yaroslavl region to the Chinese city of Qingdao. According to the company, the total volume of the first shipment was 600 cubic metres.

The multimodal route included road and sea transport. In the first stage, the cargo was delivered in slingshot trucks throughout the Yaroslavl region. The timber was fumigated (treated against insects, mould and fungi) in order to be ready for export.

The wagons of timber were then repacked into 40-foot containers and transported by truck to one of St Petersburg’s sea terminals. In the final stage, on 4 December, the container ship left the port for its final destination – Qingdao.

The approximate duration of the sea transportation is 40 days. Further shipments of round timber are planned for the future.

“This year we have set a course to develop our competences not only in the field of rail container transport, but also in other niches. Thus, we deliver our clients’ cargoes in wagons, organise complex transshipments, oversized shipments, and develop non-trivial multimodal solutions based on clients’ needs,” says Alexander Baskakov, Director of RTSB-RUS.


Source: Seanews