The cold chain import of Chang’an (Xi’an) freight train resumed normalization
(Photo: Xi’an International Port)

The first batch of more than 180 tons of beef, chicken wings and other meat products imported from Russia completed inspection at Xi’an Port recently. This marks the normalization of the cold chain import of the China-Europe freight train(Chang’an).

It is reported that this cold chain train was jointly organized by RZD Logistics, Xi’an Free Trade Port Construction and Operation and Shanghai Ruiboshi Company. The train departed from Moscow Chekhov Railway Station, entered through Port of Alashankou, and arrived at Xi’an.

According to Zhao Jia, Regional Manager of Xi’an Free Trade Port Construction and Operation, the weight of goods transported in a single container on this train is 27 tons; in order to ensure the safety of the goods, the cold chain train has purchased cargo insurance and been monitored during the whole transportation.

“It used to take about 45 days for goods to be shipped to Xi’an by sea, but now it takes 12 to 15 days by rail freight service of Chang’an train, which not only saves transportation time, but also saves logistics costs by about 10%.” Tan Qihui, General Manager of Xi’an Fengdong Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd said that the company will regularly transport 25 containers of goods through the Chang’an cold chain train every month in the future.