The “Yixinou – Jingdong” China-Europe freight train left from Yiwu to Duisburg
(Photo: JD Logistics)

On June 12, the “Yixinou – Jingdong(” China-Europe freight train left from Yiwu Railway Port to Duisburg, Germany. The “Yixinou” China-Europe Railway Express, an important logistics platform connecting Europe and Asia, has joined hands with JD Logistics, a subsidiary of the second biggest Chinese e-commerce company headquartered in Beijing,  to continue in-depth integration and jointly help Chinese brands go overseas.

Since 2016, JD Logistics has started to use the “Yixinou” China-Europe rail freight service to regularly transport goods, such as home textiles, furniture, toys, shoes and clothing, outdoor products, etc. to the European market. European high-quality kitchen utensils, toys, household items, baby food and other commodities are transported back to China. Years of close cooperation have opened the door to overseas markets for many domestic brands. JD Logistics has its German office and logistic center in Giessen.

According to the two parties, YXE Trading Service Group – the operator of the “Yixinou” freight train and JD Logistics will continue to work together to provide high-quality services and efficient logistics solutions for bringing the Chinese and international brands to each market.

The “Yixinou – Jingdong” freight train leaving from Yiwu to Madrid, Spain (

As of June 12, the”Yixinou” freight train has achieved a total of 842 trips this year, and the transport volume has reached a new high, a year-on-year increase of 21.8%.

Since its operation, more than 5,800 trips have been reached and the shipment volume exceeded 480,000 TEUs.